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Or do you want one?

BSKing is a bad site. Go away NOW!
This is a very bad site.

It will rot you brain and probably make you do bad things. Things like skip work or beat your kids or jump off a bridge or something else equally evil.

If you have a shread of decency, leave now!
This site contains nothing but crap about glutonous, hedonistic, crazy shit. The King has no sense of values, and does not believe in religon, race, age, sex, marital status, waistline status, hairline status, economical status.

Wait a minute. Did that say "not believe in sex".

What a bunch of crap! This site is probably 60% sex, maybe 80% on Friday. But hell, the weekend is coming and isn't that what we live for?....

Fuck this, I am going to get a beer. Get off your computer and get a life.