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The Host City

We have chosen Pass-A-Grille as the host city for several reasons. Of course it is a beautiful city on the Gulf Coast. But it is also a perfect setting for the pinacle of sporting events the Quaranthalon.

Okay, so maybe you want a little more than Bob's Games. so, we have provided some links to some local things. and also some information in things other than the games..

Most of our weekend will be spent in Pass-a-Grille. But we are very close to all sorts of entertainment activities. Pass-a-Grille has a hitory museum, several good bars, a pier to get on fishing tours, and of course, THE BEACH. Other good local events are in St Petersburg (which has a great little downtown for a walking tour), or Hard Rock casino, or the dog tracks or Clearwater Beach or whatever.

Pass-a-grille has a trolley that will take you all up and down the beach, stopping at seveal shopping/eating venues.
Helpful Links
  Bay Walk Shopping
  Hard Rock Casino
  Dali Museum
  Sunken Gardens

  Inn On the Beach
  Don Cesar (2 Miles)
  Sabal Palms

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