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Did you Get a

Or do you want one?

Welcome to BSKing's Event

These are my ideas for fun that is free, or almost free depending on your vices.

  St Pete Beer Croquet Club
This One of my favorite past times is our monthly game of drunken Beer Croquet. Yes, we have taken the game of English Nobility and taken it straight to the trailer park.
  Chess Club
The chess club plays at Three Birds Tavern in St Pete. Although once there were enough players to have a ladder, now we have nothing.
  Disc Golf
One perfect walk in the park. Just walk fast, carry a cooler, and please don't lose your disc. We play Monger Disc at Maximo with the Tocobagons
Enjoy our state's greatest pleasure provider on any and all weekends. I sit under my umbrella on saturday and sundays on Maderia, specifically, right outside Mad Beach.