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Well, this is after all about the games. I know what I said on the opening page, but c'mon. This is about winning. Most of you do not stand a chance. I am not saying that you are not competitors in your own right, but not in my world. This competition was designed by me on my birthday.. you do not stand a chance.

But, since I know you will try, I will at least explain the quadrathalon rules so that nobody can bitch when I win..

The Quadrathalon is of course comprised of 40 games. These games must be completed during the 4 day celebration that is "Bob's Birthday". The list of games is published, but it is subject to change on the spot by Bob, weather, mom, or other natural forces to powerful to withstand.

Each game will have an individual champion. This champion will receive 10 points for besting all other competitors. The runner up (#2) will receive 9 points, next (#3) will receive 8 points and so on.....
As the Quadrathalon continues, individual competitors will accumulate points towards the Grand Champion Competition. 40 games, 10 points each means a total possible points of 400. The grand champion will be the competitor who can (A) WIN and (B) Play in the most games. For some, it will mean taking Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday OFF!

The one major difference is the Team games on Sunday. This day is specifically designed to try to get Okies and Crackers together for a day of fun. Since there are only two comptetitors on this day. Players on each team will receive 10 or 1. 10 for winners, or 1 point for LOSERS.
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